Miranda Fleming

Mrs. Miranda Fleming's 1st Grade

Week of October 24-28

‚Äč*Review R blends and L blends (drum, trip, frog, block, clap, flag, etc)
*Introduce S blends (slam, smell, snack, step, swim)
*Practice reading sight words for Unit 2 Lesson 9

*Practice reading the short story "Fixing Things" fluently
*Practice reading the story in the reader "Dr. Seuss" fluently

*Practice reading DOLCH word lists (in folder) - students need to be able to fluently read Lists 1-5
by Christmas

*Spelling test Friday

Spelling words:was, after, read, truck, drip, step, snack, smell, skip, spot
Bonus Sentence: What was after the truck?

*Work on Addition and Subtraction Fact Fluency to/from 10
*Continue practicing #s to 100 and counting by 1s, 5s, 10s to 100, by 2s to 50,
and counting back from 20
*Comparing Numbers using <, >, =
*Coin recognition and worth
*Identify +, -, and = signs
*Practice writing a complete sentence with correct capitalization/punctuation

Please send candy for treat bags on October 31st.
Fall Folly during school on Friday, November 4th.